BC election October 24, 2020 – 002

Mr. Horgan’s attempt to sell “We can either delay that decision and create uncertainty and instability over the next 12 months … or we can do what I believe is always the right thing and ask British Columbians what they think.” as rationalization and justification for calling a provincial election one year earlier than scheduled foundered on the fact that calling an election for October 24, 2020 was clearly and indisputably an attempt to shanghai a majority government not through good governance but by having their actions and governance obscured by COVID-19.

The enormous benefit to the ability of the NDP to win a majority government in an election held now and the numerous disadvantages and barriers to the NDP ability to win a majority government if the election is held a year from now as scheduled (October 2021) are so obvious that even political doublespeak cannot misdirect or mislead voters from the reality October 24, 2020 best serves the interests of John Horgan and the NDP.

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