Ya gotta eat.

Food is one of those necessities that, like oxygen and water, you don’t survive long without. You can wear you clothes to tatters, you can live in a tent, you can live on the street – but you’ve got to eat to live.

It is because you have no choice about eating, that the rising cost of food imposes such a burden on the poor – and those who endeavour to ensure those who cannot afford this necessity of life, get enough food to sustain life.

Which is why Saturday January 22 found the Thursday Night BBQers holding their first ever fundraiser to help cover the rising cost of the food – costs that until now have come out of their own pockets.

Many people find sustenance at the Thursday BBQ and on their (and my own) behalf I want to proffer thankful appreciation to those who made raising funds to defray rising food costs possible.

Thanks to Immanuel Fellowship Baptist Church who provided the use of their parking lot and assorted accoutrements to hold the fundraiser – a BBQ/bake sale/flea market.

Thanks to those who donated items, baked goods et al to be sold.

Thanks to the BBQers who gave their time not only to put on Thursday’s repast but put in all the additional time required to put on the fundraiser – so they could continue to spend time providing a Thursday night repast.

Thanks to the volunteers who gave their time to assisting in putting on the fundraiser, most generously giving up their Saturday to put on the fund raiser.
Special thanks to those who came out to support the fun raiser with their wallets. The success of any fundraiser lies in the members of the community who come out and open their wallets to contribute. Some of who simply came by to make a donation – or to pay (when you do the math) outrages prices for (admittedly tasty – but not THAT tasty) smokies and burgers.

For a community to be whole and healthy it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other – for without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

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