Global News: Legality of Heat Subsidy

I draw your attention to how careful George Peary was in choosing his words when answering the reporter’s question about the legality of the Heat contract.

First he implied that Mr Dimanno was bringing this matter up in a last ditch attempt to get onto council.

I share the belief that the contract Mayor Peary and our current council have to subsidize the Heat is not legal and thus it is only Mayor Peary and the current council’s desire to subsidize the Heat that results in millions of taxpayer dollars ending up in the pockets of the owners of the Heat.

With the provincial government refusing to enforce the law it wrote to protect taxpayer’s pocketbooks from council – unless taxpayers go to court and prove it is illegal first and since Mayor Peary and council can use unlimited taxpayer dollars to defend themselves who could afford to prove the contract illegal? – bringing public attention to this matter in order to embarrass the provincial government to do its job is the most viable option Abbotsford’s impoverished taxpayers have to force  the provincial Liberals to act on behalf of Abbotsford’s taxpayers rather than continuing their policy of abandonment. In the same manner the Liberals were finally forced to act to protect developmentally disabled from government itself at Community Living BC.

Having had discussions with Mr Dimanno on the Heat subsidy, rather than a desperate bid for council Mr Dimanno has taken advantage of the election to bring the Liberal Parties failure to protect Abbotsford’s taxpayers from Mayor Peary and our current council’s subsidy to the Heat –  to protect mayor and council’s  egos from an empty (and far less costly to taxpayers) Arena.

Second Mayor Peary’s chose his words soooo carefully when addressing the question of illegality by stating council felt the contract was legal.

Very carefully avoiding any mention or reference the fact that the reason council feels the contract is legal is because they feel they have circumvented the law.

But then acknowledging the truth – that mayor and council feel free to circumvent laws that get in the way of doing as they please with taxpayer’s dollars – would turn a very public spotlight on the fact this mayor and council are so lacking in integrity they circumvent rather than obey the laws of this province.

To the point the Liberal government might just have to act to protect Abbotsford taxpayers, with unpleasant consequences for mayor and council and pleasant consequences for taxpayer pocketbooks.

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