Good Thing the Alphabet has 26 Letters

Plan A for tire replacement was killed off by holiday hours.


Plan B …. I really was hoping….. called for tire fairy [a strange creature wearing an elf’s har, pink tutu and with a tire iron in hand}  to transport the tire I had replaced with the spare [before realizing the rear tire was toes up as well} to the tire store and return it to my place where I could put it on the car and with the spare drive the car down and get the other tire replaced.

But alas, no joy at the rim………. and time marching on means Adios Plan B…….

Of course Plan B didn’t include me being sick – the kind of sick where you are worried you might live – trying to expel vital organs fore and aft for three days. The good thing about a tight bathroom design is it eliminates tough choices when squirting from both sides – you park your butt on the ceramic throne and your head over the tub and avoid any messy clean up.

Every time I was not moving it was NAP TIME[I am typing this in one of my waking moments then back to bed for more ZZZZZZs until Plan C launches] so I feel fine physically. Frustrated about the tires and losing three days to being SICK.

Although, the way this tire thing is going it may be fortunate the alphabet has 26 letters.

Anyway, Ahem, Plan C. Hopefully simple and direct

I will rise at 9 am [alarm set] toast and peanut butter and review the suggestions of where to take my tires based on the transportation constraint imposed by Plan C


Having selected my target I will place the tire that is off the car on one of those little folding two wheel dollies, secure it, haul it to the bus and off to get a new tire. Return, remove other flat, replace and drive down to get the second tire replaced.

So I need a tire store easy to get to [near] by bus. If anyone knows what I should be looking to pay it would be handy info.

Hopefully I will remember to take pictures  of the dead tires so I can add them to this beauty from my old Lincoln.

Sleep, more sleep, and with the alarm, rise and beging The Quest for Tires [hopefully successful]


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