Me and My Car – Again

I noticed that one of my front tires is is badly worn. Since it isn’t that old I obviously need an alignment and two tires; one to replace the chewed up front tire and one to replace the flat tore since it cannot be repaired.

I went down to Curtis Tire Monday to set up an alignment [Friday 2 PM} since several people recommended the work they do.

When I asked about tires they had no used tires and want to sell me two tiger paws for $125.00 each – just under $300.00 with taxes.


So I am headed back to Ralph’s [Empire] tomorrow – they closed early [4 PM] today because of the election. Hopefully they will have two suitable [price and quality] tires. I would have gone to Pick-a-Part but given the condition of the one front tire and that I am running on the spare I don’t consider it a safe trip at this time – hence Ralph’s today/tomorrow.

Not sure what I will do if Ralph’s doesn’t have something suitable, perhaps Abbsry Tire.

I really don’t want to spend $300.00 on new tires at Curtis – both cost and on principle.

The only reason the Universe permits me to have a car is so it can use the car to drive me crazy………although, perhaps I should have said crazier.


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