Fatally Flawed Proportional Representation Proposal

From ignoring, or failing to recognize, that the profound ongoing effects of the proposed change to British Columbia’s method of electing governments and politicians makes the decision on the NDP/Green proposal the most significant decision ever made by voters in BC;

to the fact that, given the importance of this issue, the process is full of gaping holes; to the reckless haste; to ignoring addressing the fact that what is proposed is a change from the method used in Canada to choose governments and elect politicians since Confederation; to the lack of language clearly setting out what the choices entail and the exact meaning of the choices; to politicians writing the rules for the method by which they [politicians] are elected; to the ignoring of the tactical advantage the proposed change confers on the NDP/Green collaborators in holding onto being the government, political power and power; to ignoring the effects, consequences and costs of the proposed change; to the lack of oversight and input by citizens on electoral change; to the lack of adequate adult supervision of the politicians and process; to the fact the final legislation does not require the approval of citizens to make the most significant change to BC’s electoral system since BC became a Canadian province the law; to the fact that such a significant change should require a minimum of 80% support to become law; to the apparent stealth being employed to slip a complete change to the electoral system past citizens; to the total lack of thought, research/exploration and understanding as to the magnitude of the change, the effects, consequences and costs of the proposed change…….

The NDP/Green proposal to change the electoral system from the method used in Canada since Confederation to choose governments and elect politicians to proportional representation is flawed in so many ways and on so many levels that it is fatally flawed.

In order to protect their best interests, their future quality of life and their present and future economic well being from the unknowns, the effects, consequences and costs of the NDP/Green proposal voters need to give the proposed change a loud, resounding and unanimous NO !

No No No No No Pro Rep Crop

An exploration of the whys and wherefores of the need for a strong, forceful NO is coming to jameswbreckenridge.ca in Proportional Representation [Electoral Reform] parts 1 through 6.;

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