Frank Wirrell Letter to the Editor

Gov’t needs moral compass Frank Wirrell
Letter to the Editor Abbotsford News

I am absolutely astounded at how quickly the media in general have accepted the argument put forward by Justin Trudeau with respect to the legalization of cannabis.

He has claimed that this action will severely restrict the actions of drug dealers but makes no statement to support this ridiculous and stupid statement.

Now that it is legal. there are two specific facts that will definitely work in favour of the drug dealers. Many who have never used this dangerous substance will be encouraged to try it out and those who are users will gladly purchase the drug from dealers as they will not have to pay any tax.

Making this dangerous drug legal places our future generation at risk as many young people will think it is something to try. Further. the costs to our medical system will escalate dramatically and there is absolutely no way that taxes on this substance will cover same.

It is already a known fact that the taxes on tobacco cover less than 30 percent of the costs created from its usage. It is reasonable to conclude that tax on marijuana will not do any better. As a result the general public will be financing the users and producers of this substance.

The only thing that this action has proven is that our prime minister is the worst we have ever had in Canada as both he and his government tail to show any leadership at all and are taking
every possible action to finance their friends and relatives

What is needed by this country is a government that has some moral compass and is ready to work in the interests of the country and the moral integrity of its people.

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