Pondering mental images…..

Bible study was cancelled because our leader and friend Jason had a work emergency.

Being creatively maladjusted with a brain that exists outside any box my brain began to consider what a work emergency would look like given that Jason is in demand for renovations and like projects.






Our weather has been pretty calm so I ruled out classical emergencies such as:








And it has been dry so it shouldn’t have been:





The Earth hasn’t been eating houses lately so it wasn’t likely to have been:






Perhaps it was an emegency repair to the work of some less exacting tradesman:





OR  worse unhandiwork:





OR truly pitiful unhandiwork:






Perhaps the ocean had undermined a bluff leaving a house hanging by its walkway?






Did the collider in Cern cause a local annomalyleaving the homeowners scrambling to get a set of stairs so they could access their home?






Or did someone forget that first you build the first story, then you build the secon? Leaving the owners scrambling for a way to access the second story and to get the first story framed before the second story realized there was no first story under it and collapsed.






Given Earth’s lack of alien friendly accommodation aliens would find themselves in need of a place to stay while visiting Earth:







Leaving the homeowners with just the stairs and front door?






A train of thought that brings to mind a mental image of a house setting off to explore the World.








Possibley a homeowner and guests over consumption of beer, eggs and fried onionds had led to a massive outbreak of methane enriched flatulance which was ignited by a thoughtlessly flicked Bic?





Or perhaps the emergency had been cause by a lack of on street parking and an even bigger lack of the not so common theses days common sense.





Despite the last thought it wasn’t until I had to dodge the third eratic driver as I made my way home that I realized that, given that drivers in Abbotsford seemed to have reached a new of incompetance. The emergency could well have been:





OR :






Or even:






I suppose I will find out when bible study convenes this Thursday at 2 PM at the Salvation Army on Gladys and we consider the possibilities in the Word.

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