Christmas Tourist Season

A Christmas tourist was complaining online about the fact that the homeless did not want the soup she wanted to hand out.

Hardly surprising since, during the Christmas tourist season, the homeless are overwhelmed with so much food they cannot eat it all and items [gloves, blankets, socks etc] to the point they would need a pack animal to be able to carry it all with them. 

At the same time organizations are inundated with volunteers who insist the organization accommodate them NOW, to the point volunteers are standing around with nothing to do or getting in each other’s way.

I know from personal experience that to dare to suggest that the need for food, or items or volunteers will be there in January, February and March and that the homeless would be far better served if food, or items or volunteers were available in January, February and March rather than the overabundance of the Christmas tourist season is to commit heresy.

When your actions must take place, and be seen to take place, during the Christmas tourist season your behaviour is not about generosity but about satisfying your own needs. Generosity is about the needs of others.

As to the male who stated the homeless eat like animals – your words reflect far more negatively on you than the homeless and reveal an astounding level of ignorance.

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