BC Election October 24, 2020 – 001

In calling an election for October 24, 2020 BC NDP Leader John Horgan stated:

We can either delay that decision and create uncertainty and instability over the next 12 months …”

Undoubtedly John Horgan and the NDP are plagued with high and increasing uncertainty given:

John Horgan and the NDP’s popularity is an artificial by-product of COVID-19 which has pushed other issues and the opposition Liberal party offstage, out of sight and out of mind. . By creating a political vacuum COVID-19 in effect issued the NDP government a ‘free pass’ on other matters. The fear of COVID-19 also meant any criticism of the government would be viewed as politically motivated with the criticizer being viewed as contributing to the COVID-19 crisis.

Mr. Horgan and the NDP also benefited from the lunacy, the sheer brainless stupidity, of the behaviour of our neighbours to the south in respect to COVID-19. Behaviour that made other actions, even less than thoughtful actions, look good in comparison.

While the exact timing of when the COVID-19 chickens come home to roost is not known, calling an election a year early ensures the election is held before voters discern the negative costs, effects and consequences begin to significantly impact voters.

In having an election now rather than a year from now Mr. Horgan and the NDP also 1) avoid any evaluation of the effectiveness, costs and consequences of government actions; 2) reduce or eliminate questions about how effective – or ineffective – the NDP have been as the government in managing the economy, finances and other issues other than COVID-19; 3) avoid the inevitable adding up of the economic and financial costs and consequences from the government’s handling of COVID-19; 4) hold the election before the public has a fully realized awareness of the negative economic and financial costs and consequences of COVID-19, allowing Mr. Horgan to avoid the question of how the NDP would/will manage the economy and government finances to recover from COVID-19. 6) hold the election while the massive deficit spending by both the federal and BC government’s continues to delay, in effect hide, the economic and financial costs of COVID-19 and COVID-19’s negative impact on Canadians.

Given the negative consequences for the popularity if Mr. Horgan and the NDP when the negative financial and economic effects and costs of COVID-19 begin to impact on British Columbians in a obvious and irrefutable manner I have no doubt at all that Mr. Horgan and the NDP view the stability of their current popularity as non-existent.

However, neither the uncertainty of John Horgan and the NDP as to when honeymoon they are enjoying courtesy of COVID-19 will end nor the instability of the current popularity of John Horgan and the NDP are valid reasons to call an election now.

“….or we can do what I believe is always the right thing and ask British Columbians what they think.”

I do not recall an outcry from BC citizens for an election or Mr. Horgan and the NDP asking or consulting with British Columbians about an early election?

In terms of election issues the financial and economic fallout of COVID-19 and the how of managing the recovery from the financial and economic costs and consequences of COVID-19 are currently, and for the foreseeable future, the most important issues about their future that voters in British Columbia face.

Not only because of the direct impact it will have on the finances and standard of living of BC citizens, but because of the impact and effect the economic and financial fallout from COVID-19 will have on government finances, the resources the government will have to provide services to the citizens of BC as well as other issues.

To win a majority government Mr. Horgan and the NDP called an election a year earlier than necessary to take advantage of the distraction of COVID-19, avoid any evaluation of the effectiveness of the NDP government, hold the election before the costs and negative consequences of COVID-19 manifest to the point where voter attention is inevitably focused on the those costs and negative consequences

By calling an election to put trivial matters in front of voters and avoid any negative impact the important questions would have on retaining their hold on government and power Mr. Horgan and the NDP  put their interests ahead of the needs of the citizens of BC.

Behaviour you do not want in a government facing the challenges COVID-19 has created for BC – and Canada.

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