Live Saver

By and large one does not consider an empty, polished clean five gallon pail as lucky or a life saver.

But it turned out I was most fortunate to have an empty and polished clean five gallon pail when Abbotsford hit 42°C on Monday June 29 2021.

I was also favoured by fortune in that I have both a friend who has a large walk-in refrigerated space and another friend who could [timing and carrying wise] pick up the full five gallon pail at my place and transport it to the refrigerated space.

Because, even if I avoided becoming a large puddle on the floor, I likely would not have been able to pull myself together before a future point in time, likely late fall, when much cooler weather arrived.

I definitely would not have gotten myself together enough to make it to work on Tuesday.

…….I probably should have bought a 6-49 ticket Tuesday since my luck was definitely running hot as the temperature had fallen to a frosty 27°C as I rambled off to work.

It is most unlikely I would have made it to work Tuesday if I hadn’t be blessed by luck and plunging temperatures since, if the temperature hadn’t plunged, there is little doubt the searing heat would simply have seen me melting again.

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