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Extreme Winter Weather in Abbotsford – BC Housing’s Invincible Ignorance

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. Lily Tomlin

While the actions and behaviours of BC Housing in doing a lot of ‘something’ meet the demand of the public to ‘do something’ about homelessness,  that ‘something’ is totally ineffective in addressing homelessness and its related issues. Like a rocking chair, there is lots of motion and effort to go nowhere. 

In fact, coming up with actions more pointless than BC Housing’s system that repeatedly places people into housing they fall out of within a few months and/or sends people through treatment with them returning to their addiction a few months after finishing treatment would be most difficult.

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Abbotsford News re: Proportional Representation

My proportional representation voting package arrived the other day.

I will be voting NO as should everyone, including those who support proportional representation, because the process is so flawed that NO is the only option where there is any certainty as to the electoral process we are voting for.

Roadmap Understanding NDP proposal

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Proportional Representation [Electoral Reform] 6 of 6

Electoral Reform 6 of 6


With Media attention focused on the bottom line, cutting costs and survival and in light of the reality that the biggest, most pervasive lack of truthfulness by politicians is not commission [telling a lie] but omission [not speaking of something] a desirable quality of life for BC citizens is entirely in the hands of BC citizens themselves and dependent on citizens practicing caveat emptor, paying attention, being observant, diligent and investing time in thinking and doing their own homework.

Case in point: the NDP/Green stealth modus operandi to change the electoral system to proportional representation. The NDP/Green collaboration is so focused on the strategic advantages of a proportional representation electoral system in terms of forming the government and holding onto power [see Appendix A] that the other effects and consequences apparently do not matter to them.

Deal for you J

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