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Abbotsford News re: Proportional Representation

My proportional representation voting package arrived the other day.

I will be voting NO as should everyone, including those who support proportional representation, because the process is so flawed that NO is the only option where there is any certainty as to the electoral process we are voting for.

Roadmap Understanding NDP proposal

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The Answer

Fredric Brown was a master of the short story including what is probably the shortest published science fiction short story:

“The last man on Earth sat alone in a room.
There was a knock at the door…”

The Aswer considers the question “Is there a God?”

I have include the version from “From These Ashes: The Complete Short SF of Fredric Brown”  and the version   from Baen’s short story collection “If This Goes Wrong” edited by Hank Davis.

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Proportional Representation [Electoral Reform] 2 of 6

Electoral Reform 2 of 6

The NDP/Green collaboration is trying to sell the claim that changing the electoral process is about improving the electoral system…

….although they have not provided any facts or evidence to support their assertion. Instead, to accomplish this assumed ‘improvement’ they are rushing into changing how we elect politicians and governments with a process mind boggling in its slipshod recklessness.

Think Not illegal yet

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New Weapons Needed

The May 30, 2018 Abbotsford News editorial  “New Weapons Needed” about the continuing death toll taken by fentanyl brought to mind the words “makes clear the writer is part of the conforming majority, complacently adjusted to accepting what society believes – knows for sure – about drug use and related issues.

The problem…….is that what is accepted as known for sure is wrong.

The bold words are taken verbatim from a commentary on the October 31, 2017 Abbotsford News editorial on drug overdose deaths.

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