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Et tu Plecas?

I don’t really want to get into the specifics because she’s gone, let her leave with grace. You don’t have to beat people up.”

With that statement MLA Darryl certainly provided a notable example of Orwellian Newspeak.

To make that statement after having, at length, denounced Christy Clark for having no “moral compass’; of not “always trying to do the right thing” but of making decisions “with political calculations front-of-mind”; and of having “$6 billion of surpluses and not [be] doing things for people in need”; is hypocrisy wrapped in insincerity.

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Premier  Horgan Buys a Folly….er…Bridge.

In blathering on about the NDP keeping an election promise, the media once again fails to ask important questions. For example: is the removal of the bridge tolls a promise that should ever have been made, much less kept.

That the NDP are keeping an election promise will not make paying the consequences of Horgan’s Folly any less costly or painful.


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What Went Wrong With Hamish Telford’s Election Analysis?

To a creatively maladjusted individual the degree of illiteracy with the financial reality facing the BC government demonstrated by Hamish Telford in his guest column on what the Liberals did wrong during the election was disheartening and disturbing.

With our economic house back in order


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Me and My Car: The Saga Continues – May 2017

It’s rather self-evident that the Universe permits me to have a car only in order to ensure it has a handy tool with which to torment and drive me crazy.

Managing to survive and successfully deal with whatever the latest challenge thrown my way by my car brings no sense of accomplishment or relief,it simply marks the start of the countdown to the arrival of the next potential disaster.

For the Universe it does not matter how many times it fails since it only needs to win once. Having been stripped to the bone, I have been left with no cushion and so cannot afford to fail even once.

Which makes the car a most effective tool to torment and drive me into retreating from the world.

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