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Moving Maelstrom Chapter 5

I haven’t accomplished much because most of the last few days have been spent sleeping.

At one point my arms were itching so badly I scratched and scratched. It is not the first time that unbearable itching has struck. Fortunately, although I inflicted some damage and draw a little blood, i managed to catch myself before opening any major wounds.




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Panicked at Possibly Living in My Car Again.

As if Christmas is not stressful enough I found out just before Christmas that I had a little over a month to move – the end of January as the house was sold, the new owners took possession in February and would not be renting the suite to me.

I had no idea the owner was looking to sell much less that the that the house was up for sale and was caught totally off guard.

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Illusions May Appease Our Conscience – They Don’t Save Lives

Or should that be the Illusions of Self-delusion?

I found myself thinking about how pervasive seeing what we want to see, rather than what is, has become when I came across a Request for Proposal issued by the Fraser Health Authority to implement Health Contact Services for people who use illicit drugs.

The reason the Request for Proposal brought the human behaviour/ability to see and believe what they want to be the facts or reality was the request stating that between January and November 30th 2020 there were1,548 deaths from overdose compared to 441 deaths from COVID [to November 29] and notes that the number of drug overdose deaths have increased dramatically since March 2020.

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COVID’s Homeless Catch-22

November 1, 2020 was the beginning [through March 31, 2021] of the period where extra spaces are opened to allow the homeless to get inside and out of severe winter weather conditions and temperatures inimical to survival.

When November 1st arrived Abbotsford had no plan in place to avoid unnecessary winter weather related deaths among Abbotsford’s homeless population.

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