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Re: Canada’s first in-hospital overdose prevention site touts lives saved in first year

The headline regarding St. Paul’s Hospital’s overdose prevention site was accurate [free from error or defect; precise; exact. b) careful or meticulous.] when it used touts [to describe or advertise boastfully; publicize or promote;].

I lack sufficient information, and/or access to information to determine the facts regarding the claim “first overdose prevention site inside a Canadian acute-care hospital’; in particular the exact definition of what constitutes or differentiates an ‘acute-care hospital.

Experience, evidence and facts provide indisputable evidence as to the inaccuracy of the claim ‘has so far saved dozens of lives”; at least for anyone who applies critical and reflective thinking.

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Toxic Drug Deaths – A Tsunami Bullsh*t

For the first time since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020 BC’s 87 MLAs gathered together in the BC legislature Monday October 4, 2021.

While the requirement that MLAs be fully vaccinated was new, the practice of non-government politicians playing political games to score political points with the voters and the government’s copious use of bullsh*t to deny responsibility and avoid the loss of political points during question period was business as usual. As evidenced by the issue of toxic drug deaths.

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Let Me Get This Straight

The CBC article More than 7000 lives lost to toxic drugs in 5 years and this BC health crisis is only getting worse” noted five years have passed since the increased toxicity of the illicit drug supply resulted in a significant increase in drug deaths from illicit drug use that created a crisis in BC.

Five years after the crisis the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Sheila Malcomson, announced the BC government will formally request the federal government grant a province wide exemption from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Five people a day are dying because of the poisonous toxicity of the illicit drug supply and the BC government’s priority is to ensure people’s access to the toxic drugs that are killing them is not interrupted by legal issues.

With help like that…….

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COVID’s Homeless Catch-22

November 1, 2020 was the beginning [through March 31, 2021] of the period where extra spaces are opened to allow the homeless to get inside and out of severe winter weather conditions and temperatures inimical to survival.

When November 1st arrived Abbotsford had no plan in place to avoid unnecessary winter weather related deaths among Abbotsford’s homeless population.

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