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Proportional Representation [Electoral Reform] 6 of 6

Electoral Reform 6 of 6


With Media attention focused on the bottom line, cutting costs and survival and in light of the reality that the biggest, most pervasive lack of truthfulness by politicians is not commission [telling a lie] but omission [not speaking of something] a desirable quality of life for BC citizens is entirely in the hands of BC citizens themselves and dependent on citizens practicing caveat emptor, paying attention, being observant, diligent and investing time in thinking and doing their own homework.

Case in point: the NDP/Green stealth modus operandi to change the electoral system to proportional representation. The NDP/Green collaboration is so focused on the strategic advantages of a proportional representation electoral system in terms of forming the government and holding onto power [see Appendix A] that the other effects and consequences apparently do not matter to them.

Deal for you J

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Proportional Representation [Electoral Reform] 4 of 6

Electoral Reform 4 of 6

I suspect that the idea that our electoral system is ‘broken’ and needs ‘fixing’ is a reflection of voters dissatisfaction with government.

But is democracy ‘broken’ and can, not will but can, changing the electoral system ‘fix’ what is ‘broken’?

On the question of whether democracy in Canada is ‘broken’ read “The Unbroken Machine: Canada’s Democracy in Action” by Dale Smith (2017).

The Unbroken Machine

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Proportional Representation [Electoral Reform] 3 of 6

Electoral Reform 3 of 6

Growing up, one of the questions my parents posed was “So, if everyone was jumping off a bridge, you would jump too?” whenever I tried ‘everyone is doing it’ to justify my action.

‘Just because everyone’ was not an acceptable excuse for not thinking it through myself.

If we are considering a change as far reaching and impactful as a proportional representation electoral system, we had better think it through carefully to avoid surprises and unwanted consequences.

Proportional Representation Mine Field J

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Fatally Flawed Proportional Representation Proposal

From ignoring, or failing to recognize, that the profound ongoing effects of the proposed change to British Columbia’s method of electing governments and politicians makes the decision on the NDP/Green proposal the most significant decision ever made by voters in BC;

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Darryl Plecas’s Rose-coloured Mirror.

‘If I’m guilty of anything, it’s changing my mind,’

What a banal way to make an action that calls to mind words such as renege, weasel, forsake, apostatise – sound almost noble.

Before we rush to knight Speaker Plecas for gallantry let us consider a few facts.


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