Moving Maelstrom Chapter 5

I haven’t accomplished much because most of the last few days have been spent sleeping.

At one point my arms were itching so badly I scratched and scratched. It is not the first time that unbearable itching has struck. Fortunately, although I inflicted some damage and draw a little blood, i managed to catch myself before opening any major wounds.




I had to shave the hair off my arms so I could apply anti-itching crème and then anti-biotic salve. Before putting either crème or salve on I did use my palm to rub off the layer of skin that peeled away. There were follow up bouts of itching but they are easier to survive.

Humans really give little thought to power of the brain on automatic whether it is keeping your heart beating and your lungs pumping or sleeping 20 hours a day to avoid overwhelming stress. That same ability affects how we perceive and interpret the world, why so much of what know for sure isn’t supported by the facts and why conformational bias is such a barrier to rationality.

The thing is that I seem to have managed to reach a negotiated settlement with my mind were I can work on moving without triggering a mental meltdown.

I will discover how effective this negotiation is this weekend as  I focus on bagging up material I won’t be taking with me.

The priority is to get the not keeping stuff out of the way so I can pack the belongings I want to keep. Fortunately there is enough room in the yard to allow me to move the not going to keep material outside to be able to access the belongings I want to take with me.

Focus on steps rather than being overwhelmed by the whole mess. Get the stuff to be disposed of out of the way; get the stuff to be kept packed to move; get the stuff to be kept to the new lodgings; then clean up the remaining mess.

Helping to stop/avoid a mental meltdown is that in checking my finances I found I have been thrifty and have a thousand, perhaps two, that I can use to deal with the move and still maintain a reserve to cover unexpected financial setbacks. Such as car repairs or a sudden and unexpected need to move.

One of the tasks slated for this weekend is to determine the most effect way to spend the dollars in dealing with the steps – moving the stuff to be disposed of out of the way of packing; packing the to be kept; moving the to be kept; disposing of the don’t keep; in a manner that minimizes the physical wear and tear I have found I cannot manage.

Any information, ideas or help that would facilitate making the most effective choices would be most helpful and appreciated.

Hopefully this weekend the settlement negotiated with my brain will let me move the not keeping stuff, setting the stage to manage the move and avoid disaster.

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