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Media: Public Myth Versus Bottom Line Reality Part I

”Why is the hard-headed Clark suddenly morphing into a soft-hearted mushball?”

There is a widely held public belief that the media’s job is to provide the information that the public needs to be informed on issues

As is the case with the majority of widely held public beliefs, especially the beliefs/myths we base the governance of Canada on, the myth is untrue.


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Homeless Numbers Simplified so even…….

Approach 1:

A Little Subtraction, a Little Addition and…….

…….the numbers reveal why the homeless population keeps rising despite all the government spent $$$$ ……provided you 1. look at the numbers, 2. can perform and understand basic arithmetic and 3. can process basic thought.

Politicians, pundits, media and the public focus on what they believe they know, wilfully ignoring all the evidence that what they ‘know’ ain’t so, seeming incapable of simple arithmetic and basic thought processes.

Although it does explain why we are in this handbasket and where we are headed.


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A Financial/Economic Analysis of the Realities of BC and the Federal Government

heavy_Reading large

This Beast runs just short of 11,000 words in length.

It was written 18 months ago to help organize my thoughts on the state of BC’s [and Canada’s] finances and the effect the Reality of those finances has, is having and will have on ability of governments to deliver services to citizens.

It has been sitting in my computer waiting for me to edit it – reformat it into shorter easier to read portions [the content has been edited]. After 18 months believing this editing will happen soon would be delusional on my part.

Events, politics, the behaviours of politicians and voters, the failure of the media and pundits to recognize [or if recognized, refusal to address] the Reality of finances and the economy make it clear there is widespread [almost total] failure to understand the actual state government finances and what the consequences of that Reality have been, are and will have.

So as an example of acknowledging reality – The Beast will not be reformated anytime soon – here is The Beast  – as is 

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Day 6

It is the fourth revolution on its axis of our planet on our planet’s recently begun new journey around our sun. The sixth day of the new year.

In truth the New Year should be tied to the Winter Solstice since the solstice is the point in time that our planets solar dance turns from the deepening sleep of winter towards the awakening and rebirth of Spring as the minutes of daylight stop decreasing and begin to increase.

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See Canada – Join the Debate Team

One of my two nieces living in St. Johns Newfoundland is on her high school debate team. A team that recently was in Victoria BC for a …….

What do you call a debate competition? A Great Debate Off or The Great Debate Off is On or The War of Words? November; Victoria; The War of Words will be Waged!


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