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BZN News: Random Breathalyser Testing

June 18, 2018

Contemplative Canadians reacted to Canadian Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s statement that she was “extremely disappointed” because the Senate opposed legislation granting police the power to conduct random breathalyser tests, with support for the Senate’s “upholding of Canadian values” against the “appalling assault” by Federal Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould.

Wilson-Raybould’s actions were judged as making it clear the testing really needed was electroencephalograms [EEGs] for politicians to confirm – or deny – the presence of brain activity.


Pete McMartin, Housing and Knowing So Much That Ain’t So – Part I of III

Unmistakably apparent, at least to a creatively maladjusted polymath, in the smooth flow of Pete McMartin’s ‘A Limit to Social Housing’ on housing in Vancouver is the root cause of the deterioration affordable housing, homelessness, the economy, Canada’s standard of living and so much of Canadian life suffers.


Actions and policies cannot effectively address the challenges and issues facing Canada and Canadians [governments, businesses, citizens] when the decisions, policies and actions are based on myth.

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Reality VS. Perception – Genesis: The Justin Papers 001

When the results of Canada’s 2015 federal election were in and it was clear that Canadian voters had given the Liberal Party a substantial majority thereby choosing Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister [since voters re-elected MP Trudeau] I began composing a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to express my concerns about the divergence between Reality as it Exists and Reality as perceived by politicians, pundits, specific interest groups and presented to Canadians by the media as the Truth without any true diversity of thought, challenge, examination or analysis..

Reality does not care what your ideology says is true, what you believe is true or what you want to be true; Reality does not care what we think, it exists separately from us and simply is what it is.                   Tao of James


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Day 6

It is the fourth revolution on its axis of our planet on our planet’s recently begun new journey around our sun. The sixth day of the new year.

In truth the New Year should be tied to the Winter Solstice since the solstice is the point in time that our planets solar dance turns from the deepening sleep of winter towards the awakening and rebirth of Spring as the minutes of daylight stop decreasing and begin to increase.

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Federal Election – Harper and the Conservatives Part IV of V

As noted earlier – in thinking about the state of Canada’s finances and the economy, it became clear that as difficult as I found it to comprehend it was possible, even likely, that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives in fact see themselves as doing a good job – telling themselves that Canada’s finances and economy would be in much worse shape under any other party’s management.


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