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Ass Biting Irony

Knowing I had volunteered to setup, tear-down and cleanup for the Blue Bus, a friend brought me a copy of Regina Dalton’s July 29th Abbotsford News Letter to the Editor when he came to access the meal, foodstuffs and clothing provided by the Blue Bus two Sundays a month.

Being July 31, once cleanup was finished I headed home to pay September’s rent before heading to find a spot to write about yet another absurd decision by politicians and bureaucrats to waste money on an ineffective ‘get the homeless off the streets’ boondoggle. Another demonstration of politicians masterful ability to increase homelessness, poverty, economic disadvantage, their salaries and the levels of Irony in Canada.


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Disaster Poised Like a Tsunami Part II of II

Enter the Hero.

It came to be that I found myself sitting in the Macdonalds at Metrotown in Vancouver, having made my way there from where my car had died on me many blocks away, with my Tab 3 connected to Macdonalds WiFi with access to internet pondering Hmm.

As I sitting there pondering who to email the Facebook app that I opened along with email and chrome [google search] browser popped up an Icon that someone in my friends list had just opened their Facebook app. A click and I could see it was a friend who lives in Vancouver who i met while I was living in the car I owned at the time.


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