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Illusions May Appease Our Conscience – They Don’t Save Lives

Or should that be the Illusions of Self-delusion?

I found myself thinking about how pervasive seeing what we want to see, rather than what is, has become when I came across a Request for Proposal issued by the Fraser Health Authority to implement Health Contact Services for people who use illicit drugs.

The reason the Request for Proposal brought the human behaviour/ability to see and believe what they want to be the facts or reality was the request stating that between January and November 30th 2020 there were1,548 deaths from overdose compared to 441 deaths from COVID [to November 29] and notes that the number of drug overdose deaths have increased dramatically since March 2020.

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The Quintessence of Creative Maladjustment 

I am a creatively maladjusted polymath. A declaration that has earned me looks running from puzzled to baffled to ‘that’s not some kind of psycho killer’ is it?

Over the past several years I have tried to write a neat tidy piece about the nature of being creatively maladjusted and why it is vital to the quality of our future to ensure the voice of the creatively maladjusted are considered.

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