Unbelievable: Heard Through the Grapevine

For more than a decade Abbotsford’s homeless have been receiving less than first-class healthcare. The less than stellar, healthcare grudgingly delivered by Abbotsford Regional Hospital [ARH] continues the malpractices of the old Hospital ARH replaced.2010I can understand the frustrations involved with delivering healthcare to this population. However, calling yourself a Healthcare Professional mandates professional behaviour and providing care that meets professional standards.

.Understanding the cause of unprofessional behaviour does not justify unprofessional behaviour.

Denial, justification, rationalization, “it’s the homeless and anything that helps get rid of them”……….

The problem with unprofessional behaviour by human beings is it never stays confined, it spreads. In the way that one rotten apple will infest and spoil the entire crate, unprofessional behaviour becomes a mindset that spreads to the entire hospital.

Have a patient that requires to many services to get then housed? Just dump them on your local homeless shelter.

Have a patient that is a pain in the ass and extremely hard to deal with? Homeless shelter staff are use to dealing with pain in the ass, hard to handle.

With an extreme weather shelter so people can be in out of the hazardous to your health and life weather, beds will be available. OOPs! …..there is a 50 stair flight of concrete steps and the ejectee is in a wheelchair.

There is the Salvation Army. Unfortunately the list of questions the Salvation Army had to develop as a result of being used as a dumping ground by Abbotsford Regional Hospital results in the judgment the shelter is not capable of meeting the ejectee’s needs.

What is Abbotsford Regional Hospital to do?  Call a cab and sent the individual to the Salvation Army. When shelter staff told the taxi driver they could not accept the individual, the driver sped off in his taxi.

Leaving the individual and Salvation Army shelter staff looking at each other.

Of course the individual abandoned on the Salvation Army’s doorstep did require a headband to be able to look at the SA staff since the individual was in the wheelchair because of the paralysis resulting from spinal cord trauma and requires the headband to hold his head up so he could see.

And staff at Abbotsford Regional Hospital thought the shelter was an appropriate place to dump someone in this condition.

The problem with allowing humans to continue to behave in an unprofessional manner is that is never stays as unprofessional behaviour.


Give it a decade and it goes from unprofessional to depraved indifference.

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