Charity – Abbotsford $tyle

At some point Sunday afternoon person [or persons] unknown slunk onto the property of a local charitable organization and ‘donated’ their rejectamenta, dumping it beside a dumpster.

It was Sunday, the building was clearly closed and the ‘generous’ Abbotsford citizen(s) drove past two signs, one stating donations were only accepted during the hours donation drop-off is open [the hours were specified] and one stating that donation drop-off was closed.

Even if the couch, love seat and chair had not been rubbish when generously bestowed beside the charity’s dumpster, sitting overnight in the rain, wet and cold would ensure it was trashed come Monday morning.

CouchBefore people start protesting that Abbotsford should not be judged by the action of one cur – this behaviour is not an isolated incident.

This behaviour is neither rare nor unusual. In fact, based on how widespread and regularly this behaviour occurs at charities in Abbotsford it seems for many to be Standard Operating Procedure.

The use of ‘charitable donation’ for convenience and saving $$$$ in disposing of debris has forced organizations to screen ‘donations’ for saleability. The practice of dumping junk and its disposal cost on charities grew to the point the Hidden Treasures thrift store had to remove its after-hours donation bin from their parking lot; an action that did not put an immediate end to people’s use of the Hidden Treasures parking lot to dispose of their rejectamenta.


Locked gates and a fence? Not an obstacle for generous Abbotsford citizens – just pile the ‘donation’ outside the fence by the gate. Should the only obstacle be a locked gate, simply carry the donation around the gate and leave it piled against the building. Even under a sign that informs people that items dropped outside after hours are no longer usable when the store reopens the next day.

The generosity of Abbotsford citizens seekin   g to spare their pocketbooks the $$$$ it would cost to dispose of their rejectamenta themselves is a boundless parade of greed.

Greed that, at least in the cases of illicit dumping, is a crime – theft.

Disposing of garbage costs $$$$. Dumping garbage on charities, thus dumping the cost of disposal onto the charities is no different than walking into the office of the charities and stealing the $$$$ it costs to dispose of the garbage.


Worse, this greedy self-generosity steals the help those $$$$ would have purchased from the most vulnerable and in need citizens in Abbotsford and around the world.

I do not know who the degenerate who dumped this offal is.

But I would like, on behalf of those who will go hungry or cold because this deviant stole the funds that would have helped those in need, to have the opportunity to kick their degenerate, deviant ass around the block – preferably a very long block.

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