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Day 6

It is the fourth revolution on its axis of our planet on our planet’s recently begun new journey around our sun. The sixth day of the new year.

In truth the New Year should be tied to the Winter Solstice since the solstice is the point in time that our planets solar dance turns from the deepening sleep of winter towards the awakening and rebirth of Spring as the minutes of daylight stop decreasing and begin to increase.

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See Canada – Join the Debate Team

One of my two nieces living in St. Johns Newfoundland is on her high school debate team. A team that recently was in Victoria BC for a …….

What do you call a debate competition? A Great Debate Off or The Great Debate Off is On or The War of Words? November; Victoria; The War of Words will be Waged!


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That Brings to Mind …….

When I saw the cartoon below on Facebook [posted by my friend Tom  Burke] it brought this fine example of why people who know me accept the statement that, other than the occasional beer or glass of wine, I don’t do  drugs or alcohol because drugs or alcohol would interfere with the ……. interesting way my mind sees and interprets the Universe.

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