Mobile Bags of Water

At 60% [on average] water humans are really bags of water containing elements from  the periodic table and bacteria. The elements are formatted in a manner that provides internal structuring that facilitates mobility. Additionally, water comprises 73% ot the control [brain] and power [heart] systems.

As mobile bags of water subject to losing up to 1.5 liters of water per hour on a hot day, it is imperative for humans to ensure their water intake is sufficient to remain properly hydrated. Failure to maintain hydration has severe negative health consequences – including death.






Given the remorseless restrictions on access to water faced by Abbotsford’s homeless, behaviour that provides an incentive for Abbotsford’s homeless to relocate to a community practicing what is so loudly preached in Abbotsford, the reliable access to water provided at the Centre of Hope is – literally – a lifesaver.








Especially during periods of heat when temperatures soar solidly above their average summer levels.

This is the third year this blue topped water cooler has dependably dispensed life saving water to those needing water.

About a week ago it went missing as a result of a mental health issue, not petty self interest. It was found and returned.

It was decided that the water cooler needs to be secured so it cannot wander away again and the plan is to chain it to a pillar.

While chaining the water cooler to a pillar seems a reaction somewhat overboard, all things being equal if it helps management at the Centre of Hope sleep better not having to worry that the water cooler will wander off again – no big deal.

After all, today’s poor manners necessitates a chain to secure the lid of the water cooler to prevent any boor from contaminating the water by an action such as dunking their head or fishing out ice cubes. So securing the water cooler is not conceptually a problem.

The problem lies in the execution.

The water cooler had sat out of the sun in the shade provided by a sheltering overhang. 

Securing the water cooler to a post will expose the water cooler to the sun’s rays, creating warm/hotish water which can make drinking enough water to stay hydrated more of a challenge.

Experience suggests that arguing against securing the water cooler to the post on the basis of exposing the water cooler to the sun’s rays thus heating the water will not prove fruitful.

However, if a person or persons had a water cooler of the size and type of our blue topped friend above and they chose to donate said water cooler to Ian at the Centre of Hope [34081 Gladys Avenue Abbotsford] for the purpose of “A water cooler so the Centre of Hope has a replacement water cooler should it be required, thereby allowing the water cooler to remain unchained and in its traditional location and shaded from the heating rays of the sun while avoiding the ignobility of chaining the water cooler up.

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